We gather as a group of (supportive) sexworkers/escorts to offer an sexual/ sensual experience with the strong focus on authenticity, inclusivity and attentiveness.

Based on a decade of non-monogamous dating experience, obstacles like sexual violence, disabilities, and conservative upbringing hinder self-determined sexual lives. 
Through (art) visual arts, film, print, and (escort) supportive sexual services, efforts are made for a more fulfilling, authentic sexual existence.
Justnotbed, is an initiative driven by attitude and passion.
Core values are:

body positivity

All 18+ ages, body conditions, and levels of experience are welcome.

People behind justnotbed:

Ben Nordmann, sex worker, filmmaker, and photographer is the founder of 'justnotbed'.
Ben Russell, sex worker, sex pedagogist, and educator follows the same intentions and joins the initiative.

Extra efforts: 

- Talk to current hosts and their experience.

- Podcasts and press work, since we need to talk more about sexuality. 

- Direkt feedback tells about the experience and individual situations.

- to give access to more humans in different financial situations.

- Photography experience to see your great self from a different point of view.
- To give an overview of trusted co-workers, coaches and therapists.

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