Focusing on the great details of an individual human can be a key to a special and pure state of comfort and connection. Seeing the human and getting naturally curious and engaged with the person. Humans want to share love and get warmth with positive attention. It‘s really needed to focus also on those who can‘t do so yet, has made bad experiences, or wants to gain new moments of pleasure.

This can’t be done by acting or following a script, but by seeing the greatness in a human. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Their qualities come out and shine when experiencing a pure, sensual/sexual, and connected moment.
Who will take the lead is decided and felt in the moment ..everyone has different preferences. But most importantly: it‘s always on the female’s terms.
This makes it more than “just giving someone a good time in bed” the aim is to help the participant(s) get better and more confident in learning and exploring their real desires. The sharing of experiences, through talk, touch, or even photo and/or video, helps to reflect and learn.
Let’s bring ourselves to a state of creating pure human love, and see the positivity and power of consent and equality in a new and safe but exciting way.

Diverse and unique - the new body standard
Surrounded by images of manipulated perfection and dehumanized sexual activities, we are led to believe that sex and sensuality are something nasty, dirty, and unrealistic. They suggest that bodies should match some ideal when in real bodies and preferences are so incredibly different and diverse.
But since many of us mainly see standard-shaped bodies and acted erotic/ pornographic scenes in mainstream media, many find it hard to create their own real image.
Justnotbed gives you access to different and more honest sensual impressions and sexual experiences.
The services in sensual and sexual experiences/sex work have the main aim of empowering and supporting women. The connected approach offers a change of perspective that can ease the sense of shame or indecency. Besides these services, the visual impressions show non-standard humans in aesthetic, realistic, and well-produced images and videos. Both can be connected if the participants feel comfortable enough, but can also be seen as two completely separate aspects.
It allows women to discover themselves freely via intimate exploration and appreciation.
Why should sexuality still be taboo?
It‘s nothing bad, or at least it doesn’t have to be.

Male sex workers and female guests -Different qualities needed
Based on conversations and experience, women often feel a distance to sex work and pornography since it‘s dominated by and oriented toward male desires. De-humanized, body-fixed, and male-dominated images represent most of the pornography and sex work services. Both are mainly offered by females catering to men. It seems that the connection to the actual human is missing. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally change that?
Justnotbed therefore mainly addresses humans in a feminine body, to help them access pleasure in their own way and on their own terms. It wants to celebrate them in all aspects and develop more connection-based concepts, as well as empowering moments and visuals.
The fact that there are more services oriented on male desires, does not mean that women aren’t in want of services connected to their specific needs. That’s why we need to shift the image together.
So why not offer renovated access for women to sensuality and sexuality?

New technology, sexting, dating - chances and challenges
New technology is changing our behavior and influencing our way of living, loving, and catering. Devices and software open up possibilities to be closer connected than ever expected. How do smartphones and streaming platforms change our sexual interactions? Do we still need to meet in real life? Or do the phone and the digital, parallel, semi-real universe satisfy us without even leaving our house and bed? An important topic but barely discussed, in need of finding the interplay of tabu and new reality.
As a designer, I‘m reflecting on this change and aim to inspire new connections.

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