Life is great that‘s why justnotbed is offering times and inspirations to celebrate life by unfolding consensual acts of sensuality, sexuality, touch, and shared meaningful moments to cherish.
—If you join or watch a Justnotbed contribution, pleasure is the focus.   

Following the idea of “be yourself“ justnotbed is strongly aiming for giving support in allowing conscious, consensual, and self-determined coexistence because you matter.
—You will get some tools to speak out or ‘read’ words or body.

Being who we are, showing, exploring, and developing our real feelings and wishes. justnotbed doesn‘t put on a show but tries to allow and evoke real, pure, and deep passion.
—If you join an experience you are welcome to come exactly as you are.

Humans are humans in all shapes and conditions, abilities or disabilities, levels of confidence, and experiences.
—If you or the person you take care of has a longing for warmth, feel welcomed to feel if a connection is there.

Pleasure and empowering moments are accessible, since it‘s not just pleasure but also a way to re-write bad experiences. An unstable financial situation should not limit access to justnotbed offers.
—If you can not afford what you want, we can talk about possibilities.

Regular and personal STD (Sexual Transferrable Diseases) tests at a trusted official organization help to be aware and on track about health. To protect you and me and others, the use of condoms is a must. Regarding mental health, I‘m connected to professionals and can link you to them.
—If you join, you know we care about health.

Sexual/sensual content and services unfortunately are not always seen as socially accepted and are considered something bad. Since it‘s not bad, Justnotbed is offering it anyways but you can count on full discretion regarding communication, meetings, payment, and so on.
—Nobody will know we met.

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