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The exchange of experience and knowledge is really important, empowering, and refreshing. That’s why I‘m closely connected to some important organizations and co-workers that I know and like.

Connected to organisations:

Friends, co-workers, partners
-Annelou Kuiper van der Togt (psychologist)
-Goddess Red
-Kate Feniks
-Ben Russell (sexworker, educator)
-Gülsüm Öztürk (psychologist)
-Melinde Witkamp (sexworker, educator)
-Afke Reijenga (yoga/tantra teacher)
-Sarah Hirzinger (activist, educator)
- Sara Ablinger (bodyworker, educator)
- Vivien
- Susanne
- Maike
- Mona

...did I forget you.. let me know =)

Regular STD tests at GGD Utrecht:

Education about health and safety:

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