If you can‘t afford artworks and services for sexual well-being and pleasure this should not be a barrier. Pleasure shouldn‘t be exclusive and not accessible.
There are different ways to deal with this.Ways to balance different income situations to give also access for people with an unstable financial situation.
Lets' talk about it.

Wenn man sich Kunstarbeiten und Dienstleistungen für sexuelles Wohlbefinden und Vergnügen nicht leisten kann, sollte dies kein Hindernis darstellen.
Vergnügen sollte nicht exklusiv sein und Menschen ausschließen.
Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, damit umzugehen. Möglichkeiten, unterschiedliche Einkommenssituationen auszugleichen, um auch Menschen mit einer instabilen finanziellen Situation Zugang zu ermöglichen.
Lass uns darüber reden.
Lass uns ins Gespräch kommen.
—Solidary (smaller) hour-rate
My solidary payment system reserves a part of the regular hourly rate from regular guests to offer a smaller hourly rate for financially less stable guests.
It‘s totally fine if you prefer to pay in installments in three parts over multiple months. If you pay digital, cash or both does not matter.
—Recommending to others
If by your recommendation someone is buying or booking justnotbed- content oder services you will get a 15% commission from the first meeting.​​​​​​​
If you want to help as a model producing film- and photography work to share and inspire with respectful sensual, real film and photography work, it‘s possible to collaborate. This means there is less payment needed if you are okay if the content can be shared in a trustful, educational and serious manner. (All shapes and 18+ ages are welcomed if its happens with full free will and consent.)
To bring the justnotbed initiative further there is help in my ways needed. It‘s possible to do an exchange of contributions and support.
—Donation pool
If you want to support others or justnotbed in general, you can do this by donating or buying items. Also if you have ideas how to get financial funding this would give even more access for humans in need.

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