The definition and formulation of a supportive sex worker is new. Even it happens already in a escort works, it's important to point out this branch of  supportive escort/ sexwork more and more. To stimulate more people in changing there imagination what escort work is.
It's situated in the vacuum between therapy and regular sex-/ escort work  and aims to start and support a process of empowerment for the guest/client who experiences a distance to their sexuality.
Defining aspects about supportive sexwork:

_ Aims to support a guest to grow confidence/ self-determinism
_ The time before and after a date is part of the service and get a special importance
_ Empowers to love who and how someone is
_ Shares knowledge and own experience
_ Is informed about traumas, psychology, pedagogy  
_ Helps to develop sexuality and it's enjoyment
_ Educated and committed  about consent 
_ Values honesty, authenticity and is transparent about boundaries 
_ Is connected to a sex worker/ sex educator network
_ Is welcoming humans with special shapes, ages and experience
_ Sees and loves the human in a body-positive, real way
_ Shows the beauty of touch and self-touch
_ Has contact with a professional therapist for collaboration
_ Is hoping that a guest finds a good orientation in the love life
_ Is transparent about the done health tests
_ Has experience in modern ways of loving and living
_ Provide alternative payments
– ... wip

We currently come together as a small team to reflect on how a good move could look like to push the subject more out there. Considering a platform to gather humans that provide sexual assistance as well as 'supportive sexwork' ...and more.
Feel free to join in or get in touch:
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