This is a collection of frequently asked questions from clients/hosts who were booking a pleasant escort time.
Questions answered correctly from Ben N.
The answers might differ from others listed in to page (work in progress)
Am I allowed to kiss you/ do you kiss me?
- From my point of view kissing is a really important part of letting a connection an love flow, yes. I love to kiss in any variations at any spots of the body starting at the neck, going to the mouth=). I you prefer not to kiss this is totally fine we can talk about what you like and what not.

Do I need to provide condoms?
- No, the condoms are always provided by the man.

How does the payment work?
- The payment is always after the dating moment. In cash or via bank transfer (PayPal, tikkie or direct IBAN transfer)

Are you talking beforehand about special needs or desires?
- Yes, this is part of the connecting phase to get to know each other via chatting, email, (video) call, or while a personal chat at the date moment. To me, it's really helpful to understand the persons situation and wishes in the way of what they want to share. It helps me to connect and create genuine interest, comfort, and attention.

Am I allowed to talk to you also after our date?
Yes, your are welcome. Only I might not have enough time to engage in a long and deep conversation.

Do I need to know how long the date will be before?
No, we can be flexible and see how long the date will be. This is one reason why the payment is after our date time.

Who pays for the drinks, meal, and hotel?
The regular way is that the host/(client) covers all the costs.

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